Monday, October 15, 2007


So over the weekend....
Me and Dan met up with our friends Lindsey and Tim in San Diego to see Rilo Kiley at the Soma Friday night. I was really sick though so the show wasn't that enjoyable but it was fun none the less! After the show we went to our hotel and "partied" but I was too sick and Dan fell asleep so it wasn't really partying but it was fun and I had a good time :)

Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley
Tim and Lindsey
Me and Dan

Saturday, October 6, 2007


So last night me, Dan, Julia and David went to the Halloween Haunt at Knott's Scary Farm! Here's some photos:

It was a lot of fun and really scary! Unfortunately, there were a lot of annoying high school kids--I can't believe I was apart of their demographic once! But it was really fun and I had a great time! Julia, we need to think of something else to do sometime!

Friday, October 5, 2007


yesterday was the day from HELL. I was having such a nice and pleasant morning, then I went to school to go to my Political Science class where we watched a movie about prayer in schools, it was very interesting. I met up with Dylan after the class, I was wanting to go to like a local tattoo/piercing shop to buy a nose ring, but Dylan suggested the Irvine Spectrum was the closest "regular" mall, and besides he had to go there anyways to return some pants. I didn't have much time until my next class, and I was worried about gas and how long it would take, but Dylan said he had no other way of getting there so I thought I'd do him a favor.... FORTY FIVE minutes and large annoying traffic later, we got there and did what we had to do, and with some time to spare, I bought a nose ring and when we got to the car I tried to take my stud out, and it was unbelievably painful. Tears were beginning to form in my eyes and I couldn't get it out. So I decided to stop trying and leave, but then for some reason my car wouldn't start, I was already scatterbrained because of the pain and then I had no idea what to do. I couldn't put my foot on the brake, it was like there was pressure underneath it or something, and I couldn't turn the car on, fifteen minutes later of large amount of whining and cursing on my part, it began to work. We left there, and went to Dylan's apartment and tried to take it out, and Dylan was like "here lemme try to yank it out with wire cutters." and I was kind of iffy but he said it would be quick and painless, but of course once he did it it was probably the worse pain of my life--and still couldn't get it out! I was screaming and I started to cry. Dylan's roommate, Devin's girlfriend gave me some advice, I guess she was an expert on piercings and tattoos and the like. I finally got it out, and it started to bleed. She said to wait til it stopped swelling to put my old stud in, but i didn't want to go through that pain! So my nose is no longer pierced, I'm really sad about that :( and THEN i was in so much pain, and my nose was so swollen I didn't end up going to my art class, and I really regret that. THEN I got a call from Dan, and I told him about everything that happened and he got mad at me, I went to Alta with Dylan and Rachel but I was really sad the entire time and Dan and I were sending texts back to each other. I couldn't, and still can't believe he called me "unfaithful" for hanging out with Dylan. He said he didn't like me hanging alone with Dylan, and I understand and he got really mad that he and I went to the mall together yesterday. But Dylan is one of my best friends, and I'm used to hanging out with him and going to malls n' such, we've been friends since my sophomore year in high school. Anyways, I picked Dan up from his parents, we didn't say a word to each other the entire drive and when we got home. We were laying in bed, and he was rubbing my back n' such, and I started to cry and tell him how horrible my day was. Things got better, then for some reason, we got into a large debate on the separation of church and state and that lasted for maybe an hour and a half! then after that, it was like 1:30 a.m. I wasn't tired and still upset he called me unfaithful. and was talking to him about that, but he was ignoring me, and i kept asking him why he called me that, but he left and slept on the I had to cry myself to sleep.. :( but things seem to be okay now, before he left to go to work this morning he went and snuggled up to me for a couple of minutes to say goodbye.

anyways! I have pictures from last weekend and a couple from the weekend before that:

at Alta:

at Dan's shop:

and some from last weekend, at my apartment:

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Sheesh it's 7:16 a.m. and I can't get back to sleep! I've been up since 5:30 a.m. (had to take Dan to his parents' house to go to work) and I'm somewhat wide awake now... I don't have a class until 2:20 so I have a free morning, if I were to go back to sleep I'll probably sleep in very late, and I don't like doing that because that's a waste of my free time and I feel so unproductive--like the day is slipping right past me... I miss Dan :( Yeah yeah I know this is going to start turning into a mushy post, haha. Dan was telling me last night that once he gets his driver's license he's going to buy me my favorite car, and drive my piece of crap Volvo around until it dies
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I'm really excited, I'm not one to particularly care for cars, but whenever I see one of these babies on the street I can't help but want one--they're so cute! But even if Dan doesn't get me this car, I don't care it's just the mere fact that he offered that makes me happy. I can't believe I actually thought what true love was before I met Dan! It's weird that we've been dating for over a year and we haven't really shown signs of getting tired of each other or shown signs of our love fading... that must be a sign, right?? I can't believe how much our relationship has evolved, from our first moments together
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
to our first several months together
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and now
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

this has been the most productive, "adult" relationship I've been in! And by adult I mean, we don't act like goofy teenagers, we have real things to deal with like work, college, money, etc. unlike past relationships were it revolved around high school, drama, etc. I love that Dan actually treats me right, he never talks down on me, ridicules me, or physically or mentally abuses me like his predecessors. I just hope the feelings are mutual or I'll feel like an idiot! haha
I guess I'm going to go to bed now, because this blog made me tired :)

but, just for fun :)

YES!! Clara Bow :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


don't have much time on-line, have to get ready for school--but i thought i'd share my latest drawing, it's not perfect, but considering it's the first drawing i've done in almost a year, i say it's pretty okay

now i have to get ready for school :(

Monday, October 1, 2007


I created a playlist! I don't know how to put it in a more convenient place on this site, so I'm just going to add it here, at the bottom of this post (Maybe Julia you can show me how you placed your playlist on the bottom of your blog!). Not much going on here, my apartment is a mess, and I have to study for a political science midterm for tomorrow, and I really don't look forward to that :( Not much to say...

these things are so addicting, and they occupy a lot of your time, so this helps when you're bored:
1. Would you bang your neighbor? well my neighbor is a weird old man that never comes out of his apartment, so no.
2. What describes your relationship status? definitely taken!
3. Where are you? my apartment
4. What's the last movie you've seen?
at home:
in theater:
Across the Universe
5. Do you live with your parents? no
6. What is your middle name? Lindsey
7. Who have you talked to most today?
no one
8. Do you carve pumpkins every year? not every single year, no.
9. Color of your underwear? I'm not wearing any!
10. Color of your shirt? one of dan's ugly brown/tan ones
11. How many years have you taken a language? only one year in high school
12. Who's on speed dial 2? 5? 7? I don't have a speed dial
14. Do you wish on 11:11?
on the rare occasion that i notice that it's 11:11
15. Good advice if you ever go camping? comfy clothes/shoes
16. Are you a bad influence? far from it
17. Do you enjoy Diet Rockstars? no
18. Rather have your name or your siblings name? my name
19. Would you do anything for someone else? depending on the person, yes.
20. Have you ever been called a bitch? yes
21. Favorite colors? green, black, grey
23. What song is on? nothing
24. Are your grades good? I really, really hope so.
25. Do you ever think people hate you for filling this out? no, i try not to fill these out too much.
27. Does your best friend have a myspace? me and dan share a myspace.
28. Whose page did you visit last? my sister's
29. Last time you went out to lunch?
i think on friday me and dan went to the Lazy Dog Cafe down the street
30. What is to the right of you? a wall and a trashcan
31. Who is your favorite character from Friends? i guess Chandler
33. Do you have one or more Britney Spears CD? no
35. Are you a Lost fanatic? no
37. Do you have a song by Ozzy Osbourne in your library? no
38. iPod or Zune? iPod
39. King of the Hill?: not funny at all.
41. Do you read trashy romance novels often?
43. Did you even notice that #26 & 42 are missing? nope
44. Do you ever sing obnoxiously in the shower? no
45. What's in your CD player right now? i don't have a cd player, but Rilo Kiley was playing in the DVD player
46. Have you ever pretended your crush was with you? um...sometime i wish Dan was with me rather than at work, or he had a class with me or something, haha
53. Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization? sometimes, but you would never guess by the looks of my apartment
54. Have you ever been to South America or Africa? no
57. Have you ever written love song lyrics yourself and put them on myspace? no
59. When you open your closet, what is the dominant color? "earthy" colors
60. Baskin Robbins or Coldstone? Baskin Robbins, I've never been to Coldstone
61. Physics or chemistry? Physics
64. R-rated or G-rated movies?
R-rated movies are funnier sometimes
65. Walk or Run? walk
66. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars? Star Wars
67. Fly or road trip? both, as long as it's with fun people
68. Batman, Spiderman, or Superman? Batman
69. What's your favorite Disney movie? sheesh, I have no clue
70. Ever got ghetto and ate cereal with water because you didn't have milk? actually i think so,hah
71. Who was your last relationship?: Rhey, ewwwwwwwwwww!
72. How long were you with him/her? almost two years I'd say?
73. Do you talk to this person, what is he/she up to? he lives in new mexico with his moms and he got some girl pregnant, haha.
74. Do you still have feelings for this person? I would sure love to beat the crap out of him!

well that was a waste of time!! I better get studying! have a good day!!