Monday, April 7, 2008

Turn On, Burn On

Well it's been quite a while since I've last posted! So much has been going on...

well for starters....


hah sorry just had to show that--BEST part of Clerks 2

it's kind of old news and i've told everone i know about the engagement so we won't get into that, haha.

and we got a puppy!

he's very cute and kind of shy at first but it's so nice coming home to him going ballistic with happiness when we walk through the door

so much has gone on.... I don't even know where to start... I got a new iPod today!
it's an iPod Nano, so it only carries 2,000 songs, I had to delete almost4,000 songs off my old iTunes to get to 2,000 so when i get tired of the music i have on it currently i have to switch it with the music i had deleted. that's kind of a burden but it's also easier to scroll through music. Dan got it for me :D yay for Dan!! but gosh, it may not appeal to others as much as me, but I am LOVING having an iPod because 1. our computer doesn't have speakers and my car doesn't have a CD player so I haven't had really an opportunity to listen to much music in the past couple months and it has been driving me CRAZY and have fallen in love all over again with music

currently listening to the Black Keys, who i saw last weekend. SO GOOD. and I was really close to the stage and it almost seemed like the singer was looking at me every now and then, haha!
The Black Keys
I have a secret crush onDan Auerbach, hah (guy on left, I guess I like my men scruffy)

I don't know what it is about music but it really gets me going, it makes me so happy and sends shivers down my spine--why do people need drugs when they can just listen to music?

I reallllly should be getting to bed, Dan and Roscoe need me to cuddle them :)
but before then,

music recommendations:

the Black Keys- You're the One
The Helio Sequence- Hallelujah
Destroyer-Your Blood
Beirut-Elephant Gun
Edith Piaf-Milord
Grand Ole Party-Look Out Young Son, and Turn on Burn on

good night:)